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Hey, I'm Alex Craviotto Available for hire

Software engineer and young entrepreneur based in Spain. Specialized in creating unique applications.


  1. ConversaLink

    Together with my partner, creator of conversalink, the innovation with artificial intelligence of the host-guest relationship on the airbnb platform.

  2. Reminiscencefy For Artists

    Monetization system through music artist promotions for the Reminscencefy service.

  3. Reminiscencefy

    Creator of reminiscencefy, currently providing support and incorporating new features to continue growing the platform.

  4. Upwork Freelancer

    To gain experience I did several freelance jobs in backend and frontend development.


ConversaLink | AI Powered Chatbot
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Revolutionize customer service and lead acquisition with ConversaLink, an AI chatbot custom-tailored for your business. Effortlessly elevate communication, presence, and optimize connections. Level up your outreach game with seamless automation.

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Reminiscencefy | Auto-generated monthly playlists
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Relive your memories through music, automatically generated monthly playlists in Spotify, reaching thousands of users and learning how to manage them, reaching thousands of users and learning how to manage them, and how to monetize the service by giving visibility to medium and small artists on the rise

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Speedsive | Viral Video Maker
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Automate the process and upload videos that compile music with altered speed, thanks to the rise of tiktok has created a very profitable youtube trend that allows you to gain views and subscribers relatively quickly This trend consists of uploading videos that compile viral songs that are on tiktok and increase or decrease the speed (sped up or slowed songs) Speedsive is in charge of automating all this, both video creation and uploading to Youtube

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